Catching Up

Well, I’ve discovered that perhaps right before you head into holiday season it might not be the best time to start up a blog.  Things got crazy busy and although I completed several projects, I didn’t have any time to write about it.  So I’ll try to catch up on a few things.  Let’s start with a a fun and fairly easy one.

Last fall I volunteered to help my friend out with her daughter’s wedding.  Over the past six years I’ve planned and decorated for proms, birthday parties, family reunions and a wedding.  I’ve come to really enjoy planning and decorating for these events.  So this wedding was familiar ground.  It was great to work with my friend too.  We discussed all the plans, I got to give suggestions, she purchased all the supplies and then I got to put it all together. It was great!  The wedding theme was rustic.  I really wanted to do something special for the bride and groom.  Something that would really work for their wedding but also be able to use in their home.

I had seen several pins on pinterest of a rustic looking “welcome” sign on an easel that I really liked so I decided to do something similar. I also found on pinterest, a quote that I really wanted to use….”And so the Adventure Begins”.  It was perfect for this couple.


So to make this project I downloaded the image I wanted onto my computer.  Then I went to Block Poster (a website that will turn images into poster size…there are several different sites online you can use for free).  Once I sized it to the size I wanted I printed it out right on my home printer.  It prints it out on multiple sheets depending on how large you make it.  I pieced the sheets together to make one big poster.

I had already purchased a precut piece of plywood at Home depot for about $5 and then stained it with a stain we already had.img_1273

So then I put a sheet of transfer paper on top of the board and then the print out sheets on top of that securing it with tape so it wouldn’t slip.  Then I just traced the letters with a pencil.img_1291img_1292_kindlephoto-12555478

Once the letters outlines were transferred to the wood, I painted the letters with white craft paint.  img_1295

It turned out perfectly!  I wanted to personalize it so I added their names.img_1305_kindlephoto-12579636

Then I added a little flourish at the top.img_1306_kindlephoto-12594536

At the wedding I placed it on a wooden easel at the entrance ( unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of that 😦  ).  I couldn’t have been more pleased with how it turned out and the Bride and Groom loved it too!

Another project finished.  Time to move on to the next one.

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